ECA Gerda

ECA Gerda

Product Detail

· Power 11-13-16-20-24 KW
Efficiency 91%
· ¼ The depth of modulation
· Low noise level
· Multi-function LCD display
Standard 3-stage pump
Protection of the boiler and fittings due to automatic bypass
· Protection from freezing
· Possible use and production of gas and gas
· Can be used with an on / off thermostat and a smart thermostat with Wi-Fi control
Small size (750mm x 400mm x 330mm)Gerda is a hermetic monothermal combined boiler with an increased capacity of 11-13-16-20-24 kW, natural gas or liquefied petroleum sector operating He and from 8.2 to 23.3 and has a power modulation range of 35-100% kW and a copper heat exchanger designed to prevent heat shock provides comfort with hot water with a plate-type steam boiler. It is effective and suitable for any room with an automatic three-phase circulation pump for air discharge. 14 different security systems. Comes with a 2-year warranty, TSE and CE certificates.

General Features


  • Power: 11-13-16-20-24kW
    Tip: Sealed
    Heat Exchanger: Double
    Heat exchanger screen: LCD display
    Gas type: natural gas / liquefied gas


Technicial Specifications


  • 11-13-16-20-24ku
    Works with natural gas
    The modulation range of the capacity 35-100% and 8.2-23.3 kW
    Copper heat exchanger designed to prevent heat shock and calcium residues.
    Comfortable hot water with plate heat exchanger
    High efficiency and low carbon with stainless steel burner.
    Effective and suitable for any room with a three-phase circulation pump with automatic air discharge.
    Compatible with room thermostat and outdoor thermostat control units (optional)
    LCD screen
    14 different security systems
    TSE and CE finder
    2-year warranty.


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